• The candidate for election as a Fellow normally

(a) Shall have been a Member of the Society for at least four years immediately prior to his application for election, and

(b) Shall have made a significant contribution to the practice of, teaching of, and/or research in ergonomics for a period of ten years subsequent to his being eligible for a Member of the Society, and

(c) Have made a substantial contribution to the activities of the Society; for example, through its Council, committees, publications and/or conferences.

  • A Fellow may use the title 'Fellow of the Hong Kong Ergonomics Society', and the abbreviated letters FHKES.
  • A Fellow shall have all the privileges of membership including participating in the General Meeting.
  • A Fellow shall be a voting member and eligible for holding office in the Society.
  • A Fellow shall act in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct, as determined by the Council of the Society, failing which his membership of the Society may be terminated.
Categories of MembershipFirst-Year Subscription Fee according to the Application Approval Date aSubsequent Annual Subscription Fee
Apr - JunJul – DecJan - Mar

a Subscription period starts in April every year and ends in March of the following year. If an application is approved during the period from July to December, the first-year subscription fee will be deducted by 50% of the normal rate. If an application is approved during the period from January to March, the first-year subscription fee will be transferred to the next subscription period.